Exquisite Staples in Pantone Color of the Year

Exquisite Staples in Pantone Color of the Year

Every year, we see a new color making the Pantone color of the year, some of which are rare, and some that are very much a part of our everyday lives. This year the color of the year happens to be the dreamy Peach Fuzz - a delicate hue nestled between the lighter tones of pink and orange. This delightful color is soothing, soft on the eye and a lovely tone to sport. At Luxuries of Kashmir, we have chosen our top picks in tones quite similar to the beautiful peach fuzz so that you can embrace the softness of the color while making a powerful style statement in authentic Kashmiri luxe pieces crafted to perfection. 

Fairytale Fusion Set

First up on our list is a whimsical pick - a contemporary fusion set made from luxe organza and festooned with silken threads. The set features a shirt tailored with ruffled sleeves and delicate details like dainty buttons, a belt to wrap around your body and accentuate your best features. The dreamy skirt fashioned from organza features an elaborate tapestry of floral embroidery in silken thread depicting the beautiful flowers of the valley. The magic of colors and artisanship of Kashmiri craftsmen shine through in this masterpiece. The fusion set is an ideal choice if you are looking for contemporary pieces that can elevate your look and make a statement - it is perfect for special occasions and celebrations that require you to look your very best.

Carnation Bliss Sharara

There’s one thing more elegant than a well-tailored sharara and that is a well-tailored peach sharara. This set is an embodiment of feminine silhouettes and accents that breathe life into your wardrobe. The sharara features a tunic accentuated with puff tilla embroidery along the bodice, sleeves and collar in the most gorgeous shades of ivory depicting flora in bloom. The full sleeved tunic depicts layers of sophistication and craftsmanship blended into one elegant form. The pair is complete with a flowy peach sharara with embroidery at its helms and a dreamy dupatta with embroidered edges. Overall, this is an exceptional masterpiece that is timeless and graceful - the perfect buy if you are looking for a piece that screams perfection.

Peach Panache Sharara

Yet another gorgeous peach creation from our collection - the peach panache sharara set is a dreamy attire that will ensure you look and feel your absolute best. The set features a gorgeous tunic made from luxe georgette featuring intricate puff tilla embroidery. The tunic is an embodiment of grandeur with its elevated silhouette and the detailed embroidery. It cinches at the waist accentuating the look of the tunic further and making you feel like a dream. The sharara itself is festooned with embroidery perfectly complimenting the grandiose of the tunic. Together, the tunic and sharara with the breezy dupatta make for a whimsical outfit that you cannot miss!

Peach Fuzz is here to stay another 11 months and it is now the right time to invest in pieces that keep you on par with trends. When you wear an outfit Luxuries of Kashmiri, you're not just wearing clothes; you're telling a story. A story of sophistication, sustainability, and timeless elegance. Join the peachy movement and make a statement that goes beyond the ephemeral world of fashion trends.

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