Step into the world of "Symphony," a collection that artfully merges the timeless allure of Kashmiri embroidery with contemporary sophistication. Delight in a kaleidoscope of vivid colors that dance across delicate fabrics, evoking a sense of cultural richness and vibrancy. From intricate patterns to bold motifs, each piece embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, offering a glimpse into a tapestry of diverse influences. Explore the enchanting silhouettes that gracefully complement every curve, inviting you to express your individuality with confidence and flair. With "Symphony," let your style resonate with elegance and allure, as you embark on a journey of sartorial discovery infused with creativity and charm.


Introducing À La Mode: a luxurious and fashionable pret line that draws inspiration from the exquisite beauty of nature. Celebrating the perfect balance between comfort and style, this collection exudes opulence in every stitch.
Luxe fabrics and intricate artwork merge seamlessly to create garments that elevate your everyday wardrobe and allow you to embody your inner style icon. With a nod to sophistication and elegance, À La Mode is the modern woman's ultimate expression of everyday chic.


Like the sky radiating a million hues, the stars twinkling bright, the unmatched beauty of Kashmiri craftsmanship is set on dreamy silhouettes for the woman of today. The collection is inspired by the beauty and mysticism of Kashmir where each piece is a work of art and the labor of love, meticulously thought-out garments crafted with utmost perfection.

Inspired by the elements of nature that radiate beauty in all its glory, each garment from the Twilight collection is an ode to nature and a grand display of artisanship of the valley. The collection uses some of the most celebrated art forms of Kashmir and winter silhouettes, thoughtfully detailed and skillfully executed.


The season of sunshine and soirees is here and so is a collection dipped in summer blossoms and authentic Kashmiri heritage. Handcrafted pieces with artisanal design and flowy silhouettes in the most alluring hues for summer and beyond. Inspired by the songs of nature and elements that beautify the coming of summer - the chirping of birds, the fluttering butterflies and the flowers in bloom, this collection is a whiff of freshness.

The elements of summer have been depicted in this collection on dreamy silhouettes of organza, georgettes, and chanderi using vibrant Kashmiri Aari and Tilla embroidery festooned with dabka, cutwork, and sequins highlighting the fine craftsmanship of the Valley.


The state of Kashmir is known throughout the world for its culture and its picturesque beauty. Among its various attractions, prominent is the handicraft and handloom industry. The Kashida Embroidery, is truly an integral part of what Kashmir has to offer. This is a style that has become popular for its grace, beauty, and usage of natural motifs in the same.

Inspired by this rich heritage, Luxuries of Kashmir brings you our finely crafted collection that reflects our love for the true beauty that Kashmir is known for. The result is something that is bound to catch your eye.