How To Add Color To Your Summer Wardrobe

How To Add Color To Your Summer Wardrobe

Pastels, and dreamy bright hues have been synonymous with summer dressing. Think away from neutrals and monotones; embrace a more vivid spectrum of colors ranging from bright lilacs to wispy pinks and bright yellows and add a generous dose of Kashmiri handicraft for a picture-perfect summer wardrobe.

Adding color to your summer wardrobe doesn’t necessarily mean going all in, there are more than one ways to add gentle splashes of summer tones to your look. The overarching trend of the season is to mix and match tones with handicraft - layering delicate hues with evocative summer motifs. From power co-ord suits to lehengas, this summer is all about bringing the magic of vibrant silhouettes and vibrant Kashmiri hand embroidery to life.


One can never go wrong when opting for a white ensemble on a bright summer noon. White has an inexplicable appeal, especially when teamed with flamboyant Kashmiri embroidery. Choose a co-ord set crafted in a delicate silhouette of silk and organza and tailored into a power set. The impeccable appeal of vibrant hues set on a milky white canvas of rich fabrics makes for the perfect summer staple adding much-deserved oomph to your style. You can choose whites for a brunch with your girls or for a date night with your special one.


Pastel hues like lush lilacs are always a good idea when it comes to adding color to your summer wardrobe. The feminine grace of these delicate hues coupled with the evergreen appeal of Kashmiri tilla embroidery radiates sheer class. Finer details like scalloped edges, delicate cutwork, and brilliant sequins make for the perfect summer additions. Choose from a palette of wispy blues, pretty pinks and buttery yellows for added finesse.


If light colors excite you too little, opt for brighter color palettes that capture the essence of summer but also make a statement with their vibrance. Some exciting color options include teal, bright pinks and vivid violets. Such ethereal colors pair really well with rich embroidery in tones of gold and silver. Vibrant hues make for the perfect occasion wear for summer evening soirees. When opting for rich tones, opt for feminine cuts to create balance and make for the perfect summer staples.


Summer is incomplete without the presence of sprighlty tones. Deep as the sea and lively as can be, tones of blue synonymous with waters, lush green tones of the valley and vivid tones are a summer must-have. All tones of blue, green and yellows ranging from sunshine yellow to turquoise hold great significance when making a statement. The lush tones coupled with complementing embroidered marvels enrich your wardrobe and garner much praise. 


Muted tones coupled with floral motifs are ideal summer fashion must-haves this season. Shades of beiges and creams with blooming botanicals in crimson, teal and indigo are the perfect way to soak in the summer sun while making an unmissable statement. Fusion outfits in muted tones and elegant contrast embroidery are in this season, opt for sarees, jumpsuits and co-ord sets in these delightful tones for that summer glow.