SUSTAINABLE FASHION - The Present & The Future

SUSTAINABLE FASHION - The Present & The Future

The effects of consumerism and human behavior are quite visible on the environment and it would be an understatement to say that this is not a pressing issue. Over the past few years, consumers have become mindful of what they wear, where their clothes come from, and where their clothes end up. Sustainable fashion has become the answer to everyone’s question - how do we make more mindful choices?

Sustainable fashion is becoming increasingly important as the fashion industry is a significant contributor to environmental degradation and climate change. The production of clothing and other textiles uses large amounts of water, energy, and chemicals, and generates significant amounts of waste and pollution. The fast fashion industry, which is focused on producing cheap, trendy clothing that is quickly discarded, has a particularly high environmental impact. By contrast, sustainable fashion seeks to minimize these negative impacts and create clothing that is made to last.


Sustainable fashion is better for the environment because it is produced in a way that minimizes negative environmental impacts. This can include using eco-friendly, ethically, and responsibly sourced fabrics and materials, reducing water usage, and minimizing waste and pollution during the production process. This also involves sourcing materials from suppliers who are committed to sustainable practices.

As a brand built around the concept of sustainability at its core, Luxuries of Kashmir powers through the vision of encouraging consumers to explore sustainable Kashmiri fashion where the traditional heirlooms are brought to their wardrobes and stay longer periods of time. Unlike fast fashion brands, Luxuries of Kashmir does not support the unwanted stacking of stock, instead, limited pieces are made-to-order to reduce the impact on our environment. 

The usage of responsibly and ethically sourced original plush fabrics that are sustainable enough to wear for a long time along with original artisanship from the valleys of Kashmir ensure that these garments are good enough to wear for the longest periods of time and even be passed on as heirlooms given their long-lasting nature. The limited production ensures that these coveted pieces find a glorious place in your wardrobe and stay for years.


Kashmiri fashion has evolved over the years and today has become a global eyecatcher. Contrary to the conventional notion that Kashmiri fashion is limited to Pherans and Shawls, Kashmiri fashion today encompasses classic pieces like salwars, jackets, sarees and contemporary pieces like jumpsuits, co-ord sets and more.

Luxuries of Kashmir seamlessly blends the age old Kashmiri handcraft with the modern-day need for sustainable fashion bringing to life garments that are a breeze to flaunt and a treat to the eye.

Overall, sustainable fashion is an important part of the broader movement towards sustainable consumption and production, which seeks to reduce the environmental impacts of all goods and services. By choosing to support sustainable fashion brands and practices, consumers can help to reduce the environmental impacts of the fashion industry and contribute to a more sustainable future.