Threads of Tradition: Exploring the Exquisite Types of Kashmiri Embroidery

Threads of Tradition: Exploring the Exquisite Types of Kashmiri Embroidery

Kashmiri embroidery is one of the most coveted art forms on the planet. From trousseaus to runways, Kashmiri handicraft has made its way across the globe. Over the years, the way the art form has been perceived and used has changed drastically. Earlier, it was a keen eye that saw value in a beautifully crafted outfit complete with Kashmiri embroidery, but today, people are becoming increasingly aware of the value this piece of art brings to a wardrobe. There are several forms of embroidery Kashmiri craftsmen accentuate outfits with, however, here are the most common and most loved types of Kashmiri embroidery and a few of our outfits that grace them

Aari Embroidery

Aari or crewel embroidery is a type of surface embroidery executed with a hooked needle (Aari). The thin, pointed crochet hook is used to craft intricate floral designs using chain stitches, satin stitches, and stem stitches. Aari embroidery takes a lot of skill and patience, often executed by seasoned artisans of Kashmir. This fusion set is a graceful example of aari work at its finest. The vibrant floral aari embroidery against a chanderi silhouette makes this outfit unique.

Tilla Embroidery

Tilla embroidery is the epitome of intricacy. The traditional embroidery form uses gold and silver silken thread for a shimmery effect while creating patterns like zig zag lines and spirals for a heavy finish. Tilla embroidery usually adorns bridal outfits given how ethereal it looks. This jacket features fine tilla embroidery that is a visual treat while this lehenga set features puff tilla, an ideal choice when attempting to make a unique statement.

Cutdana Embroidery

Cutdana embroidery involves stitching cutdana beads onto the fabric using a needle and thread to create a raised, textured effect. The embroidery embellished bridal wear, evening gowns, and formal attire given how heavy and breathtaking it is. It is usually combined with zardosi or threadwork to create a visual treat, like this black outfit from our previous collections - a fine example of cutdana embroidery.

Kashida Embroidery

Kashida stems from the Hindi word that means ‘to fill’. Kashida embroidery is characterized by long, flat, satin stitches. It usually features motifs inspired by the natural beauty of the Kashmir region, such as flowers, leaves, and vines. The craft is time-consuming and is usually executed by ​​women in their homes, and is passed down through generations as a traditional craft. This elegant cape captures the beauty of the age-old kashida embroidery in all its glory.

Dabka Embroidery

Dabka or zardosi embroidery is a more known form of embroidery using metallic wires in hues of gold and silver. It involves stitching thin, flat metallic wire onto the fabric using a needle and thread. Dabka usually features intricate patterns like ​​floral motifs, paisleys, and geometric shapes. This phiran is accentuated with intricate dabka embroidery.

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