Timeless Classics for a Sustainable Wardrobe

Timeless Classics for a Sustainable Wardrobe

It’s 2024 and the world is slowly yet steadily embracing the concept of sustainability. Consumers are now more aware about the impact their choices have on the environment and sustainable fashion is one such choice in alignment with this awareness. Achieving sustainability in your wardrobe does not have to be a daunting task; you can start by investing in timeless classics that never go out of style. This ensures maximum wearability, minimum wastage, and therefore, a better environment. Among the various fashion influences around the world, Kashmiri fashion stands out as an epitome of elegance and timelessness. So let’s dive into some timeless classics that you can get started with.

Co-ord Sets

Co-ord sets have made quite the comeback and how! The fashion staple of yesteryears has made quite the splash with various renditions being crafted under its name. Traditionally consisting of two pieces of clothing - a tunic/blouse and a pant, or a three piece set with a tunic, pant and an overcoat, co-ord sets are the epitome of style and comfort. They are versatile and can be worn anywhere, anytime given that they are styled right!

 Let’s dive into the finer details of building a sustainable wardrobe with co-ord sets. We know that one co-ord set comes with two to three pieces of clothing, each of which can be worn separately as individual pieces or in combinations and permutations with other wardrobe staples.

 Our co-ord sets from the A La Mode collection for example feature unique pieces that can be worn as a set, as individual pieces and in combination with a pair of jeans, culottes, shorts or pieces from other co-ord sets as well.

 1. Effortless Casual Day Out 

For a laid-back and comfortable look, style your co-ord set with a pair of trendy sneakers. This piece for example features a tunic and pants in light, breathable fabrics for a relaxed feel. The colors are harmonious, creating a cohesive ensemble with unique patterns and detailing. Tousled hair and oversized sunglasses should complete this chic daytime look, perfect for casual outings, brunches, or a leisurely stroll through the park.

 LOK Tip: You can pair the tunic with a pair of well fitted jeans and the pants with a tank top to create more looks.

 2. Sophisticated Attire 

Transform your co-ord set into a polished and professional outfit with vibrant tones and patterns for a timeless appeal. Pair it with elegant heels and minimalistic jewelry to maintain a refined aesthetic. This co-ord set includes an overcoat you can drape over your shoulders for an extra layer of sophistication while sporting a tank top or a chic shirt. This styling option strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style, making it an ideal choice for days when you want to make a lasting impression. 

LOK Tip: You can team the blazer with a bodycon dress, a pair of jeans and white tank top; and you can team your pants with a classic shirt for more styling options.

 3. Elegant Evening Ensemble 

Elevate your co-ord set for an evening affair with a touch of glamor. Crafted from rich, luxurious fabrics this set is a dreamy attire to make heads turn. Pair the set with stylish heels, and accessorize with statement jewelry. This ensemble is perfect for cocktail parties, dinner dates, or any evening event where you want to exude sophistication and charm.

 LOK Tip: You can sport the blouse with a saree and the skirt with a cute top for more styling options.

 The key to mastering the art of styling co-ord sets and crafting a sustainable wardrobe lies in understanding the versatility of each piece. Experiment with different combinations, mix and match with other wardrobe staples, and let your creativity shine. Whether you're aiming for a casual daytime look, a polished office attire, or an elegant evening ensemble, co-ord sets from Luxuries of Kashmir offer endless possibilities for a sustainable and stylish wardrobe.